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Make sure your customers can book appointments or events & pay online even while you sleep.

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Amelia Automated Bookings

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Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking plugin working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep!

Fully Automated

Amelia WordPress booking plugin will fully automate the interaction with potential customers, help them pick the right service and employee and take care of the payments. It also provides real-time SMS reminders both for both the customer and your employee for booked, canceled or rescheduled appointments. You can focus on your significant work instead of interrupting your work flow to write down appointments. And no need to depend on a secretary on the phone!

Easy to Install and Use

Installing and configuring Amelia is as easy as making a few clicks. We continuously focus on maximum simplicity and convenience for Amelia’s end users, so most actions, both on front-end and back-end are intuitive do not require more than 2-3 clicks. And if you need help Amelia has detailed documentation and, of course, we are always here to help with premium support.

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

Amelia provides business owners and managers with a dashboard page that summarizes all business-critical KPIs and displays them in widgets, charts, and tables that allow checking the performance with a 5 seconds glance.

Step by Step Booking Wizard

One of the front-end views provided by Amelia is a classic step-by-step booking process, implemented with a focus on smooth UX in a single-page-app style. Customers can quickly pick services, employees, location, date and time, and the payment details, and change any of the settings without leaving the page.

Admin Calendar View

Admin and employees can track the appointments in a dynamic calendar view. The calendar can present appointments for monthly, weekly, daily and timeline view, and can be filtered by employee, location, service or service category.

Search Booking Wizard

Amelia allows you to provide your users with a search interface, where services and time slots will be suggested by one or more search criteria, such as preferred date, preferred time range, preferred service or category.

Custom Design Options

Amelia has a minimalistic user interface, with only several colors used in the design, which you can quickly adjust to best match your theme and your business branding.