Divi Shop Extended


15 + custom modules for the Divi Builder to customize every aspect of you Woocommerce website.

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Plugin includes 15+ custom Woocommerce Modules for Divi Builder, a custom shop module, and a shop settings panel that allows you to personalize every aspect of your e-commerce website. The main features are as follows:

Custom Shop Module:

  • Product Display as Carrousel (Fullwidth & Standard)
  • Product Display as Grid
  • Product Display as Grid with filter by categories
  • Customizable Icon Hover Effects
  • Customizable Navigation Arrows
  • Customizable Overlay colors
  • Customizable Sale Badge
  • Add to Cart Icon
  • Preview PopUp
  • Facebook Share Icon
  • 100% Responsive
  • No PHP, HTML, CSS knowledge required

15 Custom Woocommerce Modules:

1.- Wc Add to Cart Module
2.- Wc Image Product Module
3.- Wc Cart Notices Module
4.- Wc Related Product Module
5.- Wc Summary Module
6.- Wc Additional Information
7.- Wc Gallery Product Module
8.- Wc Price Module
9.- Wc Review Module
10.- Wc Title Module
11.- Wc Breadcrumb Module
12.- Wc Meta Module
13.- Wc Rating Module
14.- Wc Short Description Module
15.- Wc Upsell Module

Divi Shop Settings Panel:

  • Products Tab
  • Recent Review Widget
  • Price Range Filter
  • Related Products
  • Top Rated Widget
  • Product Search Form
  • Shop Buttons
  • The Other Tab