Extends the functionality of Back To Top button of Divi Theme with 30+ new options.

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Divi ScrollTop plugin extends the functionality of Back To Top button of Divi Theme which is very useful for long pages allowing the reader to scroll the page back to top with a single click. This plugin adds 30+ new options to the Divi Theme Customizer which let you do all the customizations of Back To Top button with live preview allowing you to design and style it without applying any custom code. It comes with the following features:

  • Hide Back To Top button on specific posts/pages using meta box on edit screen
  • Automatic update notifications with one-click updates via WP Dashboard
  • Show/Hide Back To Top button on different devices (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile)
  • Add text to Back To Top button(e.g. “Scroll to top”)
  • Use a different icon
  • Use 1 or 2 icons with text or use text only
  • Change Back To Top button position
  • Change icon/text position (left/right)
  • Apply new animations: select among the 14×2 animations (in & out) and adjust animation duration
  • Lots of options to style the look and feel of the Back To Top button (colors, margins, paddings, borders, border radius, etc.)
  • Apply hover styles to button, icon and text